Premium Value-added Services

TrustBridge helps make your giving strategic & impactful

All of these services are customized exclusively for you. TrustBridge works closely with trusted partners who tailor these services to meet your needs. Our partners have produced more than 1,500 published reports for donors like you, worked in 50+ countries, and provided detailed advice on more than USD 750 million in giving.

Our Premium Value-Added Services are another reason to use TrustBridge Global Foundation for your giving.


Sometimes you just don’t know where to give. You have a passion for an important cause, but you need to figure out how to get involved, and with whom you partner to make a difference.


We can help with:

Discovery: finding the organizations that truly make the kind of difference you are looking for

Due diligence: checking and profiling organizations so you can select the stronger ones & the ones more aligned with your values

Design: tailoring the gift for impact & risk reduction


The job’s not done when TrustBridge writes the check for you. We understand that as a good steward you want to be sure that the funds make the difference you expect. Usually things go well, but sometimes they don’t . . .  and you need to know, either way.

We can help with:

Compliance: Checking that funds are deployed as specified

Oversight: Monitoring whether work is going as planned

Evaluation: Careful measurement of the impact of a program you support on the persons it serves