Your Personal Foundation

Your Personal Foundation

Better impact,
family engagement

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Having a foundation is great, but setting up a stand-alone foundation costs time, money and comes with hassles – legal & banking compliance, managing staff, possible liability, board meetings, etc.

TrustBridge handles all these tasks and problems for you, so you can enjoy the positive impact your giving has on the community as well on your own family!  TrustBridge is a multi-family foundation, so you don’t have the delays and hassles of starting a new foundation or managing your own.

A foundation’s core elements are:

  1. Contribute cash and other assets to your foundation (receiving tax benefits in most cases)
  2. Staff and advisors help with administration (paid or volunteer)
  3. Invest for tax-free growth
  4. Make grants and mission-related investments for impact

“Having our own foundation put us on the front foot, giving to our passions instead of reacting to charities”

Many families establish foundations …

  • to set aside specific funds for giving
  • to become more proactive and professional in their giving
  • to engage more of the family
  • for certain tax advantages or for other reasons

… in most cases a foundation is a helpful tool to manage charitable giving.


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