IMAGine charities everywhere having all they need to accomplish their mission.

Imagine anybody anywhere giving to any charity anywhere with just a few mouse clicks!  We believe that radically improving cross-border giving will change the world.



Generous communities.
Serving business owners and families in their local community as a multi-family foundation, nurturing their journey of generosity, creating community and collaboration around giving, increasing the volume of giving and the joy for givers.

Global networks.
TrustBridge is building a global charitable platform to facilitate fast, efficient and hassle-free giving and mission-related investing – locally or anywhere around the world.  By radically lowering the cost (time, money, hassles, etc.) of cross-border grant making, more resources will flow to the areas of the world that need it most.

Better life.
Because of the difficulties, total cross border giving is merely a trickle (maybe $5 billion annually).  TrustBridge will grow generosity by billions worldwide, creating better life for both givers and beneficiaries.



Treat others as we want to be treated.

We will often face difficult decisions involving how we treat clients, charities, partners, etc. and strive to apply the Golden Rule: “How would I want to be treated in this situation?” We have a choice between costs or revenue (dollars) and clients or charities (people). In those moments, we will believe in abundance, put others first and lean towards generosity, trusting that we reap what we sow. People are more important than dollars.

Move as fast as possible, but not faster.

In serving clients, time is always of the essence. Often non-profits believe that it’s OK to operate at a lower standard than for profit businesses, and that often results in lackadaisical responses to clients. We strive for world class responsiveness to client needs, while not compromising excellence in compliance with regulations and our own standards. As we invent new ways to add value, we need to move those innovations into production with real urgency.

always Find a way to say yes.

We have some of the smartest, most capable people on earth on our team. Our clients deserve our maximum effort and creativity to accomplish their goals. While we need to balance costs and risks against rewards, we should exhaust every reasonable alternative before we say “no, we can’t do it”.