Imagine the rest of your life story – a lasting impact on your family’s values and on the community – a life of significance. Giving plays a vital role, but it can be just as challenging as achieving.

TrustBridge – your guide and servant for your journey.  With decades of experience, we have helped families like yours countless times.

Here’s a plan:

“TrustBridge has helped me give with greater impact, but has also helped our family come together around giving”

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International Giving

Fast, easy and efficient cross-border giving.

Opportunities to fund charitable activities overseas are numerous, but so are the complexities involved.  The process for many charities involves high costs.  As well, governmental and banking compliance requires that the recipients be thoroughly researched to ensure a legitimate structure and charitable purpose.  TrustBridge can handle all these hassles for you at a reasonable cost.

Do you make cross-border grants?

TrustBridge offers a solution that is radically easier, faster and less expensive in just two steps:

1.  Apply

Contact us to get approval for your charity recipients anywhere in the world for only CHF 150 each

2.  Grant

Make grants to approved charities for a fee of 1% subject to a minimum fee of CHF 300 per grant.

TrustBridge sends your grant through our global network of foundations for maximum efficiency.

Are you a charity?

Create a charity fund at TrustBridge and donors around the world can give to you – just three easy steps:

1.  Apply

Contact us to open a Charity Fund with TrustBridge (CHF 150 application fee)

2. Direct

Once approved, direct your donors to give to your TrustBridge fund – no matter where they reside

3. Withdraw

Take money from your TrustBridge fund whenever you need it (1% fee per grant subject to CHF 300 minimum fee)

Imagine being able to easily take in donations from anybody anywhere in the world at low cost.  That’s the game-changing reality of TrustBridge.

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TrustBridge Global Foundation is a Swiss tax-exempt charity.  We are the first donor advised fund to be built from the ground up to be truly global.  As a foundation with affiliate offices around the world, we professionally manage and deploy your charitable giving to all corners of the world.

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